Learn How LHC Leverages Their Leave Data: New Presagia Success Story

Posted by Rebecca Scott on Nov 17, 2020 12:02:33 PM

LHC Group is the leading provider of in-home health services in the United States, operating in 36 states across the nation. They have 780 locations and provide services for 350 leading hospitals, along with home and community-based services, hospice, and facility-based care. 

Before, LHC was a using a leave system that wasn't cutting it. Their issue was the inability to mark an FMLA case as worker's compensation-related. They could only note if a leave was FMLA, limiting their recordkeeping and reporting capabilities. Given that they also experience such a high volume of leaves (which is no surprise in the healthcare industry), they needed a system that could handle it all while amending their tracking issues. 

That's why a little over a year ago, LHC made the switch to our parent company- Presagia (Leave) and they've been thrilled with their decision ever since!

Topics: Compliance, Absence Management, Productivity, case study, LHC

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