Presagia Leave vs. Leave Genius: Which Leave Management Solution Is Right For You?

Posted by Lauren Osselton on Aug 15, 2017 2:49:09 PM

In case you haven’t heard, we here at Leave Genius are proud to be a part of Presagia. Presagia is a leader in leave and absence management solutions, including Presagia Leave, Presagia ADA, and of course, Leave Genius! Presagia Leave vs. Leave Genius: Which Leave Management Solution Is Right For You?

One question we often hear from prospective clients is whether they should get Presagia Leave or Leave Genius when they are looking for a leave management solution to manage the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well as other pieces of state and municipal leave legislation.

The answer to this question lies in what each product offers, as well as your company’s resources and size.

Leave Genius is designed to support smaller employers on a budget (usually under 1,000 employees), and tells you the federal, state and municipal leave laws that apply to an employee’s request for leave. It will also give you the key forms you need to send to your employee and produce an overview document to explain each of the laws that need to be managed and how you should do so. Think of it as your go-to resource whenever you have a question about leave laws.

On the other hand, Presagia Leave is a fully integrated system that helps you manage all of the leave laws. It generates and auto-populates all of your leave notices, and provides workflow automation and decision support to walk you through the entire leave process, from request through to return to work.  

Still not sure which leave management solution is best for you? That’s why we’ve taken the time to break down each product for you, in a bit more detail, to help you decide!

1. Compliance 

Comparison Graph of Presagia and Leave Genius for Compliance with Various Leave Legislation

Leave Genius gives you advice on the FMLA, Municipal Leaves, and 450+ State Leaves, and how to manage them compliantly thanks to its continuous compliance updates! You can also count on Leave Genius to provide you with complete summaries of legislated leave laws.

On the other hand, Presagia will cover you with all the laws, including the ADA, and can be configured with employer policies. It goes beyond advice, and helps you administer these laws.

2. Features

Presagia vs. Leave Genius Product Features Comparison Graph

The features are where the products differ much more, based on multiple aspects, including the fact that Leave Genius is a web app. Leave Genius packs the punch of keeping you compliant by reminding you of due dates for key events like the Initial Notice, the Medical Certification and Designation Notice. Leave Genius also can generate Eligibility Notices, Medical Certifications and Designation Notices for you, based on the initial information that you input into the system.

Presagia’s features go more in-depth, since it is a complete software solution. Features include enhanced reminders for all steps in the leave workflow, auto-filling of documents for 35 additional leave events, document storage, ongoing case management, the management of the Return to Work process, as well as in-depth reporting and analytics.

When making the decision to adopt a leave management system, these features are something worth considering.

3. Technology 

Technology for Presagia versus Leave Genius Comparison Graph

Let’s get down to the specs…

The best part about Leave Genius is that it comes ready-to-use right away! There is no implementation needed to get the system ready for you. This is because it is an out of the box system, meant for a single user, not offering customization. This keeps the cost down and makes it easy to fit in your budget.

If you have a higher volume of leave that necessitates a full leave management system, require configuration of things like company leave policies, and want to integrate with your HR system, Presagia Leave can step in. It integrates with other HR software systems to complement them with full leave management, and get rid of double-data entry.

While these are just some of the comparisons between Presagia Leave and Leave Genius, they really are to show you that both systems are incredibly strong and capable. All that matters is what you would like to be able to do with the system, how large a company you are, your budget, and which types of leave you need to manage with your employees.

Get the full breakdown of Presagia Leave vs. Leave Genius here.

And, as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about which leave management solution is right for you!

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