Managing FMLA: Out with the Old, In with the New! 

Posted by Lauren Osselton on May 10, 2017 9:29:58 AM



True or false? A software to manage the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is extremely costly and impractical for smaller-sized businesses.

False! While many leave management systems are designed with larger companies in mind, Leave Genius was built for small to medium-sized businesses. For those who haven’t heard yet, Leave Genius is a simple, cloud-based web application with pay-per-use, monthly and yearly subscriptions, and no contract. Whatever your needs and resources, there is a Genius there for you!

And this Genius will tell you all of the laws and employee notices that apply to a leave request, once you answer a few questions about why your employee is requesting leave. Not only will your life be easier, your wallet will actually thank you for it in the long run! Here are 4 benefits you can enjoy when you make the switch:

1. Boost Your Company’s Legal Compliance

No matter how seasoned you are as a leave management professional, we all make mistakes; managing FMLA is difficult! With leave laws being updated and created on a regular basis, Leave Genius helps users stay compliant with a host of leave laws available for reference at your fingertips. Leave Genius tells you what laws are applicable in your particular case, referencing its database that covers the entire country at the federal, state, and municipal levels. This boosts your compliance, while removing the stress of having to know all the laws yourself!

(Need more help boosting your compliance? Take a look at some more of our tips.)

2.  Reduce Costs


FMLA interference claims and litigation can wind up being very costly, especially to smaller companies. It’s very important to ensure compliance to reduce your legal risk. 

Leave Genius automatically calculates eligibility in relation to our large database of regulations, which protects your organization from costly lawsuits, minimizing the amount of time you need to bring in legal counsel.

You can also cut costs in terms of the administrative burden. Leave Genius intuitively guides you through the process of completing leave requests, which saves you time, and consequently money!

3. Ensure Consistency and Fairness

Though it’s likely unintentional, if one employee’s leave is not treated as fairly as another’s, they’re likely to be very unhappy with the leave process. This in turn could lead to potential litigation or a distaste among employees.

With a technology solution, you can ensure that all leave policies are being applied fairly and evenly across the board, as you’ll have a database that references the legal aspects for you.

4. Manage Leave from Anywhere at Anytime


Leave Genius works on all devices - computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re ready to go! No matter if you’re away at a conference or sitting in your office, you’ll be able to manage your cases effectively.

So there you have it: the top 4 reasons why it’s time to bid your current leave management process farewell, and say hello to the Genius. Still not convinced? Here’s all the info you need for Leave Genius.

What advantages have you noticed since injecting technology into your leave management process? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.


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Leave Genius is your go-to web app for leave laws, going beyond just FMLA. Built by Presagia, a solution trusted by the nation’s largest organizations, Leave Genius is a simple and effective web app developed to give small and medium-sized employers confidence in leave compliance.

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