How AtlantiCare Controls Leave And Supports Employee Satisfaction: New Presagia Success Story

Posted by Rebecca Scott on Apr 15, 2021 2:20:50 PM

A nurse wearing personal protective equipment who works for AtlantiCare

AtlantiCare is a regional health system with more than 6,000 employees and with over 100 locations that serves the healthcare needs of southeastern New Jersey.  Their core mission is to make a difference in health and healing one person at a time, while paving the way for excellence across the region.

Previously, AtlantiCare was outsourcing their leave management, however, this approach wasn't fully meeting their employees' needs, was costly, and required a lot of extra time and attention from their leave team. AtlantiCare experiences a high volume of leaves given the pressure placed on their healthcare workers, who have extremely long hours and physically demanding jobs that lead to injuries, stress and burnout. They needed a system that would  provide real-time access to leave information to support decision-making, allow them to be more hands-on and spend less time on menial tasks.

That’s why in 2014 AtlantiCare made the switch to Presagia Leave (a solution offered by our parent company, Presagia), and they’ve been thrilled with their decision ever since! Two important goals for AtlantiCare were:

  1. Increasing efficiency as their population grew by saving time on tasks.
  2. Maintaining compliance by ensuring they give their employees the right amount of leave while remaining compliant with federal laws like the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state leave laws like the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA).

Thankfully, Presagia Leave has helped with maximizing AtlantiCare’s efficiency, enabling their leave team to effectively manage their cases, eliminate double data entry, increase the number of tasks they complete and better prepare for expected returns. 

In terms of efficiency, AtlantiCare completed 26,363 case management items (this includes everything that isn’t a letter, such as determining eligibility and entitlement, updating leave status, processing return-to-work, and more) in 2019, a 14.1% increase from 2014. 

Graph displaying AtlantiCare's total case management items completed from 2014-2019

Presagia Leave’s ease-of-use was integral in making the high leave volume manageable as their population grew, allowing AtlantiCare’s leave team to do more with less effort and keep the focus on helping their employees!

"The feature that we find most useful is the leave calculator, it takes the guesswork out of determining eligibility since we use the rolling lookback formula. We also appreciate that the packets are printed for each claim."

- Mary Ellen Rochelle, Director of Integrated Disability

Another area we looked at was AtlantiCare’s average leaves per employee, to see how they were distributed. We found that average leaves per employee have remained steady over the years, which we’ve displayed in the chart below. 

Graph displaying AtlantiCare's average leaves per employee

This is just scratching the surface! Learn more about AtlantiCare’s evolution in our new success story, AtlantiCare Controls Leave And Supports Employee Satisfaction With Presagia. 

Download it for free and discover:

  • Tools that helped AtlantiCare save time. 
  • Reports they used to understand lost time by leave type. 
  • How they continue to support their employees.  

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