4 Ways To Streamline Leave Management With Technology

Posted by Shahlla Karmali on Jul 17, 2018 8:39:51 AM

A leave administrator leverages technology to streamline the leave administration process.

From talent acquisition and retention, to managing current employees, technology is utilized daily in human resources departments across the country! Technology can empower HR to excel at many different tasks, but how exactly does it help with leave management? We’ve gathered four of the many ways technology can streamline leave management to help answer that question!

1. Boost Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are aligned with the values of their organization and will often go the extra mile without being asked. This segment of the workforce is enthusiastic and motivated, and doesn’t bear the absenteeism issues often found in their disengaged counterparts.

Identifying problem areas in one’s workforce should be a priority for employers looking to increase employee engagement, and is an area where technology can come in handy! AI technology, such as sentiment analysis tools and software, can be used to monitor employee engagement through text analysis and language processing of data, such as emails. The AI technology can then provide suggestions for the employer to increase engagement based on its findings, potentially reducing unnecessary leaves of absence taken by disengaged employees!

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2. Reduce Administrative Burden

HR is the go-to for employees inquiring about everything from organizational policies to benefits. This often means an inbox full of common, yet time-consuming inquiries! Technology, such as chatbots, can be implemented to quickly provide resources and answers to employees, and recover some lost time for handling complex issues which require a human touch!

In a similar vein, technologies have been developed to streamline the day-to-day administrative aspects of leave management. Let’s face it: manually tracking leaves of absence can be complex and burdensome. From eligibility calculations to stacks of FMLA notices to fill out, simple, repetitive tasks can consume a lot of the day!

Leave management web apps like Leave Genius give you the ability to breeze through the basics by calculating eligibility and pre-filling forms. Leveraging technology to save time on these tasks can allow you to direct your attention to more complicated cases, such as investigating suspected FMLA abuse!

3. Eliminate Unconscious Bias

A leave administrator tries to make an unbiased decision.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), unconscious bias in the workplace can lead to discriminatory treatment or practices. In HR, technology often comes into play when it’s necessary to remain impartial and reach a decision based on facts. One such application is the use of AI to eliminate bias when screening candidates. By analyzing applicant data without biases toward factors such as gender and race, AI software can identify the best fit for a job opening.

When it comes to leave administration, technology can help you manage leaves of absence equitably, avoiding any compliance issues which could arise due to unconscious bias. A leave management resource like Leave Genius consistently provides all relevant information and forms for you, so all requests for leave are handled in the same way!

4. Ensure Compliance

At the forefront of HR duties lies compliance with federal and state regulations. Legislation, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), has strict rules for HR to keep track of and comply with. Fortunately, technology such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) can be used to ease the task of staying on top of ever-changing legal requirements!

When it comes to leave management, remaining compliant is a huge challenge for any employer, as there are new leave laws coming into effect constantly. The 2017 DMEC Employer Leave Management Survey found that staying on top of new federal, state and municipal leave laws ranks among the most burdensome elements of leave management! Referencing up-to-date technology to manage leave requests gives you the peace of mind that you’re compliant with the ever-changing leave law landscape.

If your organization has multi-state operations you might also rely on technology to ensure consistency in leave administration across the board. Utilizing one resource to guide you through leave requests across your entire organization ensures that each request is managed equitably, even if different members of your team are handing them!

Effective use of technology enables your organization’s leave management program to continually grow and improve. As further technological advancements are made, you’re in a better position to strategize and apply expertise where it’s most needed, as long as you’re mindful of maintaining the human element of human resources!

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